Our EcoDesign fires and stoves already comply!

Despite all of the negative publicity from the Department of the Environment, wood fires and stoves are still a popular form of home heating and everyone enjoys real wood fire. However, the government is introducing stricter regulations on the emissions of harmful substances. They are also advising people about the safe and efficient use of the appliances, which is good news!

Is it time for something new?

There are about 1.5m wood stoves in the UK and 200,000 are sold annually. Many older wood fires and stoves are not compliant with the new EcoDesign efficiency and emissions standards and these will have to be phased out by 2022. Fires and stoves that are over 10 years old are considerably more polluting than new stoves, so now is the time to replace them with new, clean burning and energy efficient models.

How to comply with the new regulations

This is easily achieved because most of our wood fires and stoves already comply with the 2022 EcoDesign directive. This applies to the entire Spartherm range and 90% of the Dik Geurts range. From 1 January 2022, it will be prohibited to buy wood fires and stoves that are not EcoDesign ready, so be careful not to buy an appliance now that you can only enjoy for a short time.