Founded in 1960 in Santander (Spain), and dedicated to heating products manufacturing since then, Hergóm is today one of the industry´s main companies worldwide, with five manufacturing and operating facilities in Europe and America.
For more than 50 years, Hergóm has gained success and experience in developing wood and biomass heating products, focusing on natural fuels through research, development and improvement of the efficiency or our products. Following that principle, we developed the most efficient cast iron heat exchangers in the market, the secondary combustion system that minimizes particle emissions, or wood stoves that are among the cleanest burning in the world.
Casting in our own foundry, Hergóm carries out and guarantees the full production process, including design, castings and finish product. In the production process, Hergóm uses selected materials and components to guarantee optimal durability, reliability and performance.
All our products meet the UNE-EN-13299 that guarantee their safety and thermic values. On top of that, we make big investments to meet all specifications required by the European Integrated Environmental Authorization in order to assure a minimal impact in the environment.